"The road to overcoming is one that must be walked alone."

Welcome to Self-Victory Lifestyle!

I would like to take this moment to welcome you to my blog!   

So what is Self-Victory Lifestyle?  It is a mind set; a philosophy to apply to your life.  It is motivation, inspiration and resources to help you make positive changes in your life.

The idea for Self-Victory Lifestyle is to help people apply martial arts philosophy and techniques to your life, to improve your life, but not have to dedicate your life to training in the martial arts.

Very few people these days have the time, or commitment to dedicate to training in a martial art.  This is where I come in.  I will help provide information and resources to apply in "small doses" to your life so you get the benefits without having to make the commitment to a life time of training.

Will you become a high level martial artist or UFC fighter?  No, but you can benefit from some of the exercises, techniques or philosophy that comes from martial arts.

My main focus however is to equip people, children in particular, with the tools to overcome victimization of bullying, no matter what form of bullying. 

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